An embroidery floss donation from Hawaii


“How does someone living in Hawaii support QFE?" That was the question Stephanie Guieb asked Mary Ann after hearing her talk about QFE at the NW Quilt Expo last September. “Send embroidery floss” was the answer. And so she did. First she sent a lovely package of her mother’s carefully braided floss. Then, with the help of Fiddlesticks Too Needlepoint and Cross Stitch Shop in Honolulu, she began collecting floss from all over Hawaii. The results: the 34 pounds of embroidery floss we just received as seen in the photos. This amazing donation of women’s love and support from across the Pacific is timely as our floss supply in Kenya is getting low. Stay tuned for an update when our women see the floss for the first time when Mary Ann returns in April.