Embroidery floss donations for QFE


Our intrepid team of floss ladies returned this year to sort through approximately 50 pounds of floss that had been donated from all over the US. The largest donation came from Hawaii where supporter Stephanie Guieb collected floss from all over the islands. It was then put into bags by major color groups that presented a lot of challenges: is it pale green or aqua?


The end result is an impressive array of floss ready to pack for Mary Ann’s April 14th departure to Kenya. Also going are a dozen “readers” for women who need glasses, an assortment of donated beads for the Wadadia beaders, scissors, children’s books for Norah’s kids and chocolate for her.

Alas, the neat plastic bags of floss had to be repackaged in paper bags as Kenya has banned plastic bags. Fortunately, the mistake was realized the day before she departed.