A new way to support QFE

QFE thank you card.jpg

There is a new way to support Quilts for Empowerment. Donors can elect to make their gift in honor of others by sending the honoree this card featuring our seamstress and her daughter. Donors can request any number of thank you cards regardless of the amount donated.

To do this, go to the Donation tab and after clicking on it, click on ‘add special instructions to seller’ to give the name and address for where the cards are to be sent along with the number of cards requested. Make the donation, and the cards with envelopes will be mailed to you right away. Except for your tax receipt letter, you will not receive any other mail from us and you will not be added to a contact list unless requested.

It’s that easy! A great way to support Quilts for Empowerment and make a memorable gift to others at the same time.