QFE welcomes young survivors of sexual assault

The first week of January, QFE achieved their goal of providing safe shelter and education to young sexual assault survivors. We welcomed three young girls to live with us and attend school. Two are 9 & 10 year old sexually assaulted sisters that only had the filthy clothes on their backs when we picked them up. Neither had ever worn shoes or socks or had enough to eat.


Within a few hours, soap and water made a big difference and an exam at the hospital cleared them of any diseases. But, they were obviously still dazed.


Two days later, they went to school in borrowed clothes and smiles were beginning to emerge.

They are joined by another 10 year old


whose mother brought her to us for safety reasons following an attempted rape. She immediately fit right in with Norah’s children.


All three are attending a private school with Norah’s children and are thrilled with their school uniforms,


seen with Esther, the tutor we have hired for them. They are also absolutely delighted to be mothers to dolls that were donated by caring nurses in California.


All three girls have sponsors in the US who are paying for their school fees and upkeep. Our commitment is to see them through high school.

Norah reports they are all happy and blending in well with her children. Our girls live in an apartment next to Norah where they are supervised by a house matron. Since our office apartment is on the same floor, and all the doors stay open, there is laughter and smiles all up and down the hallway. We are blessed to have this opportunity to provide safety, education, and love to these precious young girls.