QFE fills World Forum Foundation bag commission

A fortuitous meeting between Bonnie Neugebauer, Mary Ann McCammon and Deb Sorem at the 2018 Sisters Outdoor Quilt show has been a windfall for QFE. Bonnie, who with her husband is a co-founder of the World Forum Foundation, wondered if QFE could make conference bags for their meeting in Macau China in April 2019. She wanted to use the bright fabric we use for our table mats, and she needed 900 bags delivered to China.

After a lot of calculating, we entered into an agreement to have our women make the bags and get them to China for the meeting. Fabric was purchased in October in Uganda where it is cheaper. Deb crafted a design and taught Norah how to make the bags while she was in the US in November. A second sewing machine was purchased in January and the women were off and sewing!

The first bag


was made by our lead seamstress Carol who quickly came up with a production scheme

bag story.JPG

and one bag has become over 200. She was soon joined by Metrine, another trained seamstress.


We are in business!

Norah began teaching other women to precision cut,

cutting lesson.JPG

iron, trim threads and help with production.


These dedicated women spent a week living in our apartment making bags. We provided mattresses, blankets, slippers, hot showers, and food. They provided the music.

In addition to the needed income, our women experienced support from each other and Norah. One had just returned from a successful surgery after years of suffering. They are deeply grateful for this opportunity.

We are honored to collaborate with the World Forum Foundation and develop our skills and a reputation for completing commissions that will benefit our women.