A gift of embroidery floss from New York

NYFloss small.jpg

We recently received a huge box of embroidery floss to QFE with this lovely letter:

Dear Quilts for Empowerment Staff,

My dear mother passed away recently at the age of 89. She was a lifelong knitter and embroiderer, who loved making things with her hands. During WW II she worked as a volunteer who knitted socks for soldiers, and vests for sailors. In later years she made sweaters, embroidered pictures, hats and blankets for everyone in her life, including blankets for people who lost everything in Hurricane Sandy. In short – she was passionate about her work and doing things for others; she had a lot of materials, and she left behind quite a few items.

Enclosed please find several hundred skeins of embroidery floss. I’ve done my best to sort by color (your photos online inspired me to try to help you with that task in advance!) and at the bottom of the box is a small bag with some ‘tangled’ floss that I didn’t want to throw away just in case. I hope your students and clients are able to put these items to good use. Thank you for giving a home to some of my mom’s most precious possessions – she was never happier than when she was making something for another person. It sounds as if the good you’re doing for women in African is instilling those skills – and that empowerment – in the people you support.