Our Quilters

We are pleased to introduce you to our new quilters. All are obstetric fistula survivors who have been surgically repaired. None had ever picked up a hand sewing needle before joining QFE. This photo of their first class learning basic embroidery stitches is a testimony to how hard they work.


Thanks to their perseverance and the instruction of our Program Director, Norah Otondo, the women have made remarkable progress in a short time and are now laughing and enjoying quilting together.


The women have also been able to work on our Fistula Foundation Commission by making small quilts with the Fistula Foundation Logo.


Being able to see has also made a big difference. Reading glasses sent from the US has helped two women. As one said “Before I was not able to set the thread in the needle with my bare eyes, but now I can.”


We are thankful for the dedication of these remarkable women and look forward to seeing how they will express themselves in their quilts. Postings of their individual stories are coming soon.