Our Team


Program director in Kenya
Norah Amisi Otondo

Norah is from Western Kenya. She is a high school teacher by profession and in the process of completing her MA in counseling. 

Norah’s passion is working with fistula survivors.  Having suffered the devastating effects of fistula herself, she understands intimately the importance of reintegration to family and community. Her fistula was the result of a surgical complication and she lived with it for a year during which she underwent multiple surgeries to repair the damage. Norah spends hours, in addition to her teaching, helping other survivors regain their self-esteem and independence through community based support groups and income generating activities.

Unable to have children of her own, her small home is filled to the brim with nieces, nephews and an assortment of school kids who have no safe home of their own.  Her house is filled with an abundance of love and laughter and all are welcome.

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Zedekiah Otolo
Chairman, Kenya Quilts for Empowerment

Zedekiah Otolo was born, nurtured and ministered in Trinity Fellowship, a Christian youth ministry based in Maseno, Kenya. After receiving a Bachelors in Education from Kenyatta University, Zedekiah taught until 1991 when he joined Trinity Fellowship on a full time basis. He is responsible for a rigorous program of outreach to schools and supervises three camps of high school students each year. He is also the Director of Trinity Fellowship’s student centre in Maseno and is the current national chairman for Trinity Fellowship.

Zedekiah’s passion for empowering fistula survivors is rooted in witnessing the suffering a colleague experienced when she developed a fistula. Since then, he is deeply motivated to empower other fistula survivors and is very zealous to be the Chairman of Kenya Quilts for Empowerment. QFE is grateful for Zedekiah’s passion for fistula survivors, administrative experience, and leadership.


Molly Skeen

After retiring from a career as a corporate librarian and marketing communications specialist, Molly Skeen has turned her attention to providing technical support to nonprofits. She serves as webmaster for two organizations in addition to QFE, specializing in Wordpress and Squarespace sites. Molly is also an accomplished quilter; she teaches quilting to women in the Coffee Creek Quilters prison quilting program.


Logo & Graphic Arts
Lulu Moonwood Murakami

Lulu Moonwood Murakami is an artist living and working in the Pacific Northwest.  Inspired by the color, pattern, and texture of folk and modern art, she immersed herself in the study of textile arts and ceramics, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Oregon. 

Presently she combines influences to explore her interest in the ways humans have communicated over the centuries, not only through language, but also through the visual cues of color and symbols that we use to express ourselves.  Working in textiles and mixed media, she sculpts, stitches, and paints her vision of unspoken communications.



QFE is extremely grateful to add Justine Hostetler to our Team. Justine is our new Communications Intern from George Fox University where she is studying Communication Arts with an emphasis in theater. She loves people and hearing their stories. In addition to serving QFE with graphic design, public relations, and social media skills, Justine is the Greeting Coordinator for Bridgetown Church in Portland while she runs her piano studio and works as a freelance artist.